Body & Water

body polish - 30 mins $60
a process involving; quick exfoliation of the body, followed by a shower and a special cream is then left for you to apply afterwards.


coconut or mango salt exfoliation - 50 mins $90
this is an invigorating exfoliation of the body using coconut or mango mineral salts, it will stimulate circulation, soften dryness, and enhance youthful, healthy glow of skin.


coconut milk+ honey wrap - 60 mins $100
a unique body treatment includes both coconut milk and honey. Both derived from natural ingredients. your body will be enriched leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.


eclipse signature body treatment - 90 mins $140
this blissful treatment is a combination of a mineral salt exfoliation, mud wrap & rejuvenating facial. this total body experience will leave you feeling relaxed, renewed and refreshed.


hydrotherapy spa bath - $35 or $30 in addition to another treatment
hydrotherapy jets increase your circulation and well being, this can be incorporated into any body treatment.


detox box - infrared sauna - 20-40 mins $20
detoxify the body safely & effectively of lifelong accumulated toxins and heavy metals assisting in the clearing of: cellulite, improving skin tone, helping with weight management, energizing the body while relaxing the mind.