Recovery Massage- 30 mins $60/ 45 mins $78 / 60 mins $92
a relaxation massage to restore & balance and well-being, release your stress and leave you with a feeling of tranquility.
purifying stone massage- 45 mins $80 / 60 mins $98 / 90 mins $138
a truly indulgent massage using the warmth of smooth stones to deeply relax your muscles, releasing all tension for total relaxation.


pregnancy massage- 40 mins $65
a massage relieving back and shoulder pain, enhancing the wellbeing of both mother and child. this Massage also helps to assist restful sleep. (only available after first trimester)


stress relieving scalp massage- $35 or $25 in addition to another treatment.
for immediate stress relief, this includes a neck and shoulder pressure point massage with a tension relief gel, finishing with a hot towel.


back massage- 20 mins $40
using warm essential oils, this treatment helps release tension that is held in the back using soothing massage techniques.


foot massage- 15 mins $35 or $25 in addition to another treatment.
a relaxation treatment that focuses on pressure points that relieves tension from tired aching feet.